2018 Queens

Queen Mya Gorsuch and the Baltimore Court cordially invite you to attend our Queens Luncheon and Grand Parade on August 3rd, 2019.  Jr. Miss Baltimore Abby Todd and Little Miss Baltimore Jaelynn Dennison also extend an invitation to the younger courts. CLICK HERE to download the invitation packet.

Being part of the Baltimore Festival Royalty Court offers the opportunity to travel all over the state of Ohio representing our community and making new friends.

balt queens 2018
Front Row: Lacie Long, Ava Wilcox, Jaelynn Dennison, Queen Mya Gorsuch, Abby Todd, Jayla George
Back Row: Bryanna McKinney, Roslyn Stewart, Breanna Kellner, Karlee Baker, Addison Brobst


The Baltimore Court opened their season at the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 16 in Dublin, Ohio.  It was a brisk morning for Miss 1st Attendant Roslyn Stewart, Miss 2nd Attendant Breanna Kellner,  Jr. Miss Abby Todd and her 1st Attendant – Addie Brobst , but in true royalty form, waved and greeted the thousands of fans along the three mile parade route

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