Queens Pageant

Saturday July 30, 2022

The Baltimore Festival is a long-time honored tradition where everyone in town comes out to visit with friends and neighbors. The Miss Baltimore pageant has been a highly celebrated event for many years. The Miss Baltimore program is an amazing opportunity for young woman to grow in a supportive and safe environment. The young ladies spend their year on our court traveling the state attending festivals and events to learn first hand the importance of networking, time management, public speaking and most importantly friendship. We are creating future leaders in the loving arms of a sisterhood.

Our court focuses on the community of Baltimore by volunteering their time with the Baltimore Downtown Restoration Committee, keeping the Baltimore Blessing Box tidy and stocked, and other organizations in town. As well as using fundraisers to make the ordinary extraordinary!

Change is coming to the 2022-2023 Miss Baltimore Program, our court size will be decreased from 3 winners to only 2. Another big change is that the pageant will take place the weekend before the pageant at the Victoria Opera House. The results of the pageant then will be kept under lock and key until opening night of the festival where the 2022-2023 Miss Baltimore Court will be crowned! Additionally for the Miss Baltimore division a letter of recommendation will be required for entry, this letter must be completed by someone who isn’t a member of the family.

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Mission Statement:

The crown that sits upon your head sits there not as a symbol of royalty that might denote one who is to be served but it sits there as a symbol of one who gives of herself voluntarily for the benefit by whose name she is called.

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