Meet the Board

The Festival is now under a new board! We have a new direction and drive this is about our community and celebrating what makes Baltimore tick! We want to join forces with all the organizations, groups, churches and businesses.  Please join with us to make this year the best one yet!

The Baltimore Festival Board is comprised of 4 members:

President: Shane Hamilton has been a volunteer for the festival since 2012 when his daughter became a festival queen. He has enjoyed giving his time to the organization and is now joining the crew to make this event the best it can be.

Vice President:

Treasurer: Lisa Sandbrink


Queens Director: Kendra Heistand

Parade Chair: Judith Cosgray,  Baltimore Downtown Restoration

Please feel free to come and meet the new board at one of the monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the month and feel free to contact by email or by our festival phone. We also have a post office box!